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San Francisco NCGR
Board of Directors

Cathy Coleman, PhD

Steve Pincus
President Emeritus

Joseph F. Kaminski
Vice President

Aude Guerin
Executive Secretary

William Stickevers

Blesilda Carmona
Recording Secretary

Carol Baum
Membership Secretary

Cathy Coleman, PhD
Education Director

Mary Gow
Media and
Graphics Director

Steve Pincus

News & Events

Upcoming Educational Events

  • Don't miss the Launch Party for “Changing of the Gods", next Wednesday, Sept. 16. A documentary based on Richard Tarnas' Cosmos and Psyche, about the participatory view of our ensouled cosmos and our current transformational Uranus/Pluto times. John Cleese is the narrator, the producer is Kenny Ausubel (co-founder of Bioneers), and the director is Louie Schwartzberg (Mysteries of the Unseen World).

    For those of you in the Bay Area, a special event is coming up next Wednesday, Sept. 16, to celebrate the film. The event will feature a conversation between John Cleese, Rick Tarnas, and the filmmakers, followed by a book signing. It will be a fun evening! For more information and to purchase tickets: Launch Party

  • Dennis Harness is organizing a Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference for November 19-23, 2015. The website is Dennis can give a substantial discount to members until February 28th if they contact him directly at The conference will be very 'user friendly' for Tropical astrologers.

  • Interested in astrology classes in San Francisco? Contact Linea Van Horn.

  • The NCGR Education Program.

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Scholarship Program for 2015 is Closed

Scholarship Program for 2016

  • With an interest in enhancing knowledge and creating opportunities for growth in the field of astrology, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NCGR SFBAC) has created a new scholarship fund.

  • NCGR SFBAC Scholarships are sourced from the sale of book donations at our monthly events and supplemented by the general fund. The goal is to assist in educational development of people who have vibrant astrological interests, yet also have special financial needs.

  • Three scholarships will be offered annually:

    • Two selectees will have their choice of free admission to either: (1) 3 Lectures; (2) 1 Lecture + Day Workshop; or (3) 1 Full Day Workshop. It is mandatory that attendance take place in 2016. *NCGR Membership not required.*

    • A third NCGR Scholarship is dedicated to One Current (1) NCGR SFBAC Member who would like to renew their membership, but is having financial difficulties. In order to assist this member, one NCGR membership will be provided for a one-year period.

  • Based on the number and type of applications received, the scholarship committee may change the number of scholarships awarded in each category as long as the total number of scholarships is limited to three annually.

  • If you feel that you may qualify for these scholarships and would like to apply, please complete the following brief application below. E-mail your inputs to

  • NCGR Scholarship Application Form
Thank you!

Joseph Kaminski, Vice President
NCGR San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

(Out of respect, please understand that due to privacy concerns, except for naming scholarship selectees, the information in the application form is considered confidential and will not be released publicly).


San Francisco Bay Area Chapter NCGR

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