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The National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc., (NCGR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the standards of astrological education and research. The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter sponsors monthly seminars at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

New Scholarship Program for 2015: The SF Bay Area Chapter is starting a scholarship program based on the sale of donated Astrology Books at our monthly meetings. For more information and to apply, click NCGR SF Bay Area Chapter Scholarship Program.

Interested in Certification Testing? Contact our Education Director: Cathy Coleman, PhD or call (415) 418-9677 (cell).

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Featured Speaker: Frank Clifford
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Frank Clifford

Astrologer • Palmist • Lecturer • Consultant • Author • Columnist • Publisher • Editor

Frank Clifford An independent, creative force in the astrological community for a quarter of a century.

Frank has built an eclectic career in astrology, palmistry and publishing as a:

writer of a dozen books including a modern classic on hand analysis; columnist and biographer; sun sign astrologer for numerous magazines; consultant for clients and businesses; publisher of over 30 books and booklets; reseacher and compiler of birth data (including a compendium for Solar Fire); media astrologer/palmist profiled and interviewed on radio, tv and in print; international lecturer and the Principal of the London School of Astrology where, for the past ten years, he has been instrumental in bringing a younger generation to astrology.

In September 2012, at the annual Astrological Association Conference, Frank became the thirteenth (and youngest) winner of The Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. Previous winners include Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Dennis Elwell, Melanie Reinhart and Deborah Houlding.

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Saturday - February 28, 2015
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Building: The Gate House

The Rhythms of Your Life: Honing Your Forecasting Skills

As consultant astrologers, rather than using forecasting tools to make firm predictions, we do our best work when we articulate the processes that can take place under various transits, progressions or directions. In doing so, students and clients recognize the ‘season’ they’re in and become aware of personal celestial cycles. If you've ever been daunted or overwhelmed by forecasting, this seminar will offer a number of tools (including ‘Define and Connect’) to simplify the process of interpreting upcoming trends, and Frank will address a number of factors to take into consideration. Along the way, he'll introduce you to the most reliable and accurate forecasting tool, Solar Arc Directions, and show you how to use these simply and effectively to achieve maximum results. You'll be amazed!

$40 NCGR Members / $50 Non-Members

$50 NCGR Members / $60 Non-Members

Sunday - March 1, 2015
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
(with Lunch Break)
Building: C Room: C210

Following Your Bliss: The Astrology of Work, Vocation & Life Purpose

Birth charts reveal vocational options and work avenues and help to clarify career choices. Focusing on three specific areas, Frank will show how the birth chart can help us pinpoint our calling and follow our hearts (the Sun placement and aspects), identify our daily work needs and ideal environment (the Moon), and select the best way of developing a reputation and making a contribution to the world around us (the Midheaven). Frank will use examples from the group, so feel welcome to bring your charts along.

Sunday - March 1, 2015
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Building: C Room: C210

Jupiter: It’s Too Much – But Is It Enough?

Jupiter reveals how and where we’re blessed – so much so that we can inspire others with its message. But can Jupiter be too much of a good thing? Frank will look at the charts of people with a prominent Jupiter to gauge its wide range of expression in temperament and manifestation. From the evangelist and guru to the con artist, from the philanthropist to the diva, we’ll examine the various exemplary and sinister sides to the Greater Benefic.

$60 NCGR Members / $70 Non-Members

$70 NCGR Members / $80 Non-Members


Saturday Feb 28th:
$40 (NCGR member)

Saturday Feb 28th:
$50 (non-members)

Sunday March 1st:
$60 (NCGR member)

Sunday March 1st:
$70 (non-members)

Entire Weekend: *
$90 (NCGR member)

Entire Weekend: *
$110 (non-members)

* Excluded from Multi-Event Discounts

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